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Do you learn about the tiger within the Bronx Zoo? evidently it contracted Covid 19 therefore now they think i must wear a mask but I’m not permitted to go anywhere past the backyard

Do you learn about the tiger within the Bronx Zoo? evidently it contracted Covid 19 therefore now they think i must wear a mask but I’m not permitted to go anywhere past the backyard

This is one way i love to rest, however they keep waking me personally as much as enter their sleep

And they expect me personally to consume having a spoon now

I’m tired, this has to stop, me they are talking to Alexa and Siri, I’m tired of watching Netflix and the local news if they are not talking to. RETURN TO PERFORM! All i’d like is always to have fun with my balls.

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Alexa does not speak with Siri

We were eavesdropping a conversation between Sri, Alexa and my spouse while I became watching television and my spouse ended up being using the pc.

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Alexa place channel 32

Did the Siri is fixed by you in your phone?

that is Alexa, are you able to duplicate, we don’t realize,

I happened to be speaking with Alexa I’m maybe maybe not speaking with you, Alexa please channel 32. Alexa place channel 32

I don’t comprehend

I became speaking with Alexa

Who’s Alexa, are you able to duplicate? We don’t realize

Siri I’m perhaps perhaps maybe not speaking with you, Alexa please channel 32.

Siri look at the climate, Alexa place channel 32 in the television.

It should be sunny and 75 degrees but I couldn’t check Alexa, can you repeat today?

Alexa let’s chat, you’re not today that is listening

Do you really rather speak with Alexa than me personally? interrupted my wife

how about Siri, Siri?

How do you are helped by me….

I’m perhaps not speaking with your

Alexa end. Siri stopp…..

Do I am wanted by you to end Siri?

Alexa just isn’t active

I do believe it ended up being Cortana on my computer

Cortana? just what took place with Hey Bing to ask a concern

“To ask a question, synonyms, to talk or compose to somebody to get information from them”

Okay, switch off Cortana and Bing, Siri phone my sister

Cousin is certainly not under connections

Phone Sissi Varela

Calling Sissi Varela

Alexa exactly what happen with channel 32, did my sister answered?

Mobile is ringing!

Just how can we allow you to

Alexa, I became maybe perhaps not speaking with you, and exactly exactly what took place because of the television

Siri or Alexa, can you order some lavatory paper?

Purchasing wc paper on Amazon Prime, …………….will arrive May 14.

Can’t order, the device is busy

Honey, Is Alexa dialing thru the device?

just How else can Alexa phone if it does not utilize the phone? Might 14? Alexa did you put a instantly purchase?

YES, it’s going to ship instantly and will also be here might 14

Will you be kidding? I’ll have to phone them, Siri call Amazon

If there another number?…. Hellooo Siri, will there be another quantity?

Hellooo… Alexa will there be another true quantity for Amazon?

Maybe maybe Not Siri’s number stupid, another quantity

That isn’t number that is siri’s it is Amazon, Siri’s quantity just isn’t in your phonebook

Quantity just isn’t in your phonebook, we don’t realize

I’m conversing with Alexa, Siri why don’t a selfie is taken by you of your self and evaluate the image

A picture can’t be taken by me of myself, are you wanting us to just just take an image of you?

No thank you, perhaps you can amuse your self by finding an image of Alexa in Hei Bing

How do you are helped by me

I’m maybe not conversing with you exactly what soccer games are playing the next day?

Dallas Cowboys is playing the Chicago Bears at digital Soldier Field

Okay honey shut down that computer, Alexa which soccer groups are playing the next day

Tomorrow the Chicago Bears are playing the Dallas Cowboys

Does anyone know any single thing about footfall? Honey ask Siri which soccer groups perform tomorrow

Siri, whom plays the next day?

okay, that is actually specific!

Do you realy mean squash games?

NO Siri, soccer, soccer; does anybody sabe lo que es football ? Genuine Madrid, Manchester United ?